About Vibrant Communities

We believe that living well in older age is all about staying connected to the people, passions and pleasures that matter to you. 

Our live, online social groups and events are here to help you do just that. Events and groups range from tours of gardens and galleries, to yoga and football, through to recreating classic movies, poetry groups, art clubs and talks - our ‘gin tour of London’ is always popular!

Our events are suitable for everyone and have been designed to include people living with dementia. Our creative hosts welcome everyone and help them in a way that suits them best. This is a million miles away from watching an event as an ‘audience’.

What it looks like


What people are saying

"This has been fantastic, what wonderful technology! It's been a real pleasure".

"The hosts were excellent, very welcoming and inclusive"


"When Lynne took on us on a tour it felt like we were really there with her. It was so good to be out and about and seeing something new!"


"I never knew you could have so much fun on one of these computers!"

How it works

All you need is an iPad, tablet or computer. You sign up to our app, then just choose the events you want to join. It's that easy.


All the events are on Zoom, but there is no need to remember meeting links or passcodes - that is all done by Vibrant Communities. You just need to click on event in the app and you will join the Zoom call automatically. 

How to sign up

You can sign up for our unlimited programme, and get access to all our events, or you can just sign up for specialised weekly groups.

If you'd rather try a few sessions before you buy then sign up here for 5 free taster sessions.

Our story

Vibrant Communities is a social enterprise from the team behind Ladder to the Moon, a recognised provider of innovative and impactful improvement programmes for the care sector. Over the past 20 years we’ve supported people who live and work in all kinds of care and independent living settings.

Vibrant Communities took shape in 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We successfully piloted it in 15 settings in Winter 2020. During 2021 we expanded the range of groups and events we offered. We're excited to work with even more communities in 2022. 

You can see more about our partnership with Keychange on the Keychange website.