App and webapp

We have a dedicated website and app to make it quick and easy to find and register for events.

Our current website (the one you're looking at now) will continue to be used for information, but you won't be able to register and join events from it.

Step 1 - Get the App 


Or use the app in your web browser

Don't have a tablet or mobile device? Use the app in your web browser:

Step 2 - Signup in the app.


Step 3 - Join your programme

Use you link or code

You should have a link or code for your programme so that you can access your events from the app.

If you don't have this information please get in contact

If you have a link follow it from your mobile device. If you are on a computer then you need the code which you can enter from the menu at

Untitled 21.png

Step 4 - View and join events and say hello!

All you need is Zoom to join us download zoom