For people working in care and nursing homes

Vibrant Communities supports you to:

  • meet the interests of people living in the home - without you having to run all the groups!

  • discover new life story information and passions

  • get inspiration for future activities you can run, including dementia specific activities

  • hold quizzes, film shoots and tours, providing a prompt for group activities without you needing to prepare

  • discover ways to enrich sessions with food tasting and other sensory opportunities

Each session is 45 minutes and led by two experienced facilitators. 

While we organise the sessions, your role is to:

  • support people to find something to try on the programme

  • set them up and support them as needed (often this may just be leaving an iPad and headphones with someone)

  • help groups participate by amplifying people’s questions and responses (this means repeating back what others have said, so that everyone can hear) and commentating on what’s going on on the screen

  • suggest groups and events for the programme, based on the interests of individuals at your home