Consent for sharing stories, videos and images

We think it is really important that people in care homes, including people living with dementia, have their voices heard. We want to tell people about the social groups and events we host. One way to do that is to share their stories, videos and images. 

We want to make sure you know where we use these stories, videos and images, and that we have the right permissions to use them.  

On this page you can read more about:

Please note:

  1. When we say ‘we’ or ‘us’ on here, we mean Vibrant Communities. 

  2. We ask for someone in each organisation (care home or provider) that we work with to be our main contact for anything to do with permissions and consent. This person will confirm that consent has been given. 

  3. All our online sessions are recorded for safeguarding purposes, but we don’t usually share them. If we want to use any of these at any point we will check with the gatekeeper first.

  4. People don’t have to give consent, and this doesn’t affect their ability to take part in our sessions. 


If you have any questions for us about permission to share stories, videos or images please get in touch via email: 


How we share your stories, videos and images

We like to share them on:

  • Vibrant Communities' website and app, social media (currently Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), and on the emails we send.

  • Presentations, training and webinars that we give to other organisations, plus any materials to help us promote these. 


We may also ask to use stories, videos and images more widely on:

  • Print and online media - national, regional and local papers, magazines and articles for other organisations we are working with.

  • Marketing material - on Vibrant Communities' leaflets, posters and other marketing material.

Videos and images

If we want to film or take images during a session face to face (for example, in a care home whilst an online session is running) then we will ask permission to do this. There is a short form to fill in to confirm where we have permission to use these videos and images.

We love it when you share images that you have taken during our live events with us. The easiest way is to share them is on social media, so we can comment and  share your posts. You can also just email them to us. We will ask you to let us know, via email, where we can use the images you share with us.

We may also ask to take images of the Zoom call screen during the online sessions. 

  • When the hosts take these images they will ask if everyone is happy to have their photograph taken and share. 

  • If they don’t wish to be included they can switch the camera off. 

  • We will check if we want to share the image anywhere other than on social media. We may share these screenshots with our partner organisations; for example the external experts from places of interest.


Stories, feedback and quotes

We really like to hear from people in their own words. This could be person who has taken part in a session, a member of staff, or a family member.

Please share any feedback you have with on, or with the host during the sessions. We will get back to you and confirm the quotes (to check you are happy with them) and we will ask you where we can share them.

If we want to talk to someone at your care home to find out more about their story (sometimes called a case study) then we will ask permission to this. Then we will share the written up story (again to check you are happy with it) and ask where the story can be shared.

Our main contact for consent

In each home or provider there is someone who is the person we (Vibrant Communities) contact for all questions about permissions and consent. 

These contacts are really important as Vibrant Communities can’t asses mental capacity, or ask permission from families, so that needs to be done by people who knows and works with the individuals involved.


They may be asked to complete a short online form to give permission for videos and images, but most of the time consent can be given by email or verbally. They can also can give, and withdraw, consent at any time by emailing