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We're all about sharing life with each other. It’s about participation, not just being an audience member.


We offer a proven way to help your clients connect with the people, passions and pleasures that matter to them.

We offer a proven way to help vulnerable older people enjoy life

  • maintain and build relationships

  • connect with their interests and find new ones

  • learn, share and grow

What's on offer each week ranges from tours of gardens and galleries, to poetry groups and art clubs, through to mindfulness workshops, recreating classic movies, and themed talks and conversations. Our ‘gin tour of London’ is always popular!


Residents can invite their family and friends to enjoy the events with them, and they’ll get to meet new people from other homes who share their interests.


Our creative facilitators welcome and involve everyone, helping people share with each other. This is a million miles away from watching an event as an ‘audience’. It's person-centred, meaningful activity at its best, delivered by experts in the field.   




By working with us, you will:


  • offer excellent personalisation, through wide choice of events and skilled facilitation

  • help your staff discover residents’ interests and talents and improve their skills in connecting with residents

  • enable residents to spend time with friends and family who cannot visit

  • generate positive stories for your marketing​

Join us to make vibrant online experiences part of everyday life in your care community.

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How it works

All you need to get started is an iPad, tablet or computer. We offer a short onboarding session to help home staff with any technical challenges and make sure they’re happy with using our app,  joining zoom calls, and spreading the word about the opportunity. 


About us


Vibrant Communities is a not-for-profit project from Ladder to the Moon, a recognised provider of innovative and impactful improvement programmes for the care sector. Over the past 20 years we’ve supported people who live and work in all kinds of care and independent living settings.

  • History

  • Nature

  • Mind & Body

  • Arts & Culture

  • Spirituality

  • Just for fun

  • Sport