7 care communities celebrate the Jubilee with the V&A museum

Updated: May 24

With our posh hats on, we enjoyed exploring Sir Cecil Beaton's special collection of photos of the Queen and her family. Seven care communities took part in this celebration of the Queen's Jubilee with expert Nikke from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

It was great see some photographs that are not even on display in the museum - a special treat just for us. We heard some of the stories behind the famous images directly from Cecil’s own


For many people, these wonderful images inspired clear memories of growing up during WW2 and of the Coronation. It was a great opportunity for individuals in care communities to take part in a live, interactive event on a topic that they were interested in and could remember details about.

The Queen as a girl

We enjoyed the images taken during WW2 of the Queen as a girl and young woman. We focused on an image of her wearing an elegant dress as an 18 year old. We shared thoughts about the dress and memories of rationing during and after the war.

“ It’s beautiful. I love it”
“We mixed and matched during the war.”
"They used my mother’s coat to cut out a dress."
"You couldn’t just go out and buy anything. "

The Queen as Monarch – the Coronation

We learned a how Cecil Beaton was the Queen's favourite photographer, and he was trusted to take photos at key moments including the birth of her children and at the actual Coronation.

Many of the group remembered watching the Coronation:

“There was one house on our street that had a 9 TV inch set“
"Not everyone had a TV"

Did you have the day off school?

"Everyone did. A day off school, a street party and everything."

One gentleman remembered it and he was only 4! Someone else was related to one of of the horsemen.

The Queen as a style icon

We saw many other images of the Queen - from a photograph taken for her 43rd birthday, to one used by the Sex Pistols (we had a quick listen to the Sex Pistols too).

Then we had saw images that showed her famous sense of style - a matching hat, outfit and handbag! Here's what we thought of the hats and handbags:

"I don’t like the hats."
“They [hats] make the person wearing it look older.”

Expert tips from one of our resident photographers

We also got some amazing background information about Westminster Abbey, and how they did the lighting for the photos of the Coronation, from an expert photographer in one of our care communities.

Many thanks to Nikke and all our care communities for making this such a lively and inspiring event. What a wonderful opportunity for individuals to have the opportunity to share their opinions, knowledge and memories.

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