A rather special morning – kittens, cats, dogs and Sir Tom Jones

We were lucky enough to meet Tamsin’s cat Lindy and her 4 kittens. We shared memories about our own cats and pets, enjoyed some Tom Jones music, and heard the famous poem Macavity: The Mystery Cat by T. S Elliot. The kittens were very entertaining and they played and ate on screen for us all to enjoy.

"You’re melting our hearts”

Sir Tom Jones’ fans were treated to ‘What’s new pussycat’ before we saw some photos of the kittens; from the moment they were born, right through to present day. We saw them when their eyes were closed and when they just started walking.

Many of the people in the group used to have cats:

  • One lady’s mum’s cat had kittens ‘every few weeks’. As her mum owned a shop, and knew everyone, she always found them good homes.

  • Another lady lived near a school and the school children loved to meet her cats and kittens.

  • Nearly everyone who’d had kittens kept at least one!

Tasmin recited Macavity: The Mystery Cat which was in the hit musical ‘Cats’. One lady remembered this and had actually see the musical twice. The group also thought of other poems with cat in.

One lady said watching the kittens made her feel ‘very motherly’.

Chaotic kittens and other pets

We recalled:

  • kittens up curtains

  • wandering cats who went into other people’s houses

  • cats that didn’t like the snow.

  • cats that did like the snow

  • difficulties knitting with kittens and cats around.

  • missing cats when they died

Many people had also had dogs at some point. We heard about Lottie the dachshund with only had half one ear, Emma the white poodle who lived to 17 years, and met Waffle the cockerpoo on the call.

Shared passions

The group was a chance to meet other people who were passionate about pets. It was also a great way for people in care homes to see and engage with kittens, when they couldn’t have a face to face visit. As one lady said, it was ‘rather special’.

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