Birdsong, the first cry of your baby, or Cliff Richard!

So, what’s the most beautiful sound in the world for you? These were a few of the

suggestions from people who shared our new sound appreciation experience. With our eyes closed, together we took the time to focus on listening.

We collaborated with Natalie, Deputy Manager at Erith House - Keychange Charity, to create this session. She requested a sound based activity that would enable a blind lady living there to participate in the same way as everyone else.

This was part of an accessibility trailblazer project assessing how needs could be met to enable everyone to use technology.

How did the session work?

We asked people to close their eyes for the session, then we:

  • played a sound quiz where we guess noises – from clicking a retractable pen to a cat purring.

  • were in the rainforest, feeling the hot mist on our faces, thinking of the different animals that lived there.

  • listened to the sound of the beach and imagined ourselves there. This helped some of us to remember being on beaches – sitting on the beach in Tenerife and being brought cocktails from a boyfriend called Carlos, or visiting the beach with family as a child.

It was fascinating to see what came up when we only used sound. We can be so reliant on visual prompts – photos from holidays, artworks – but sound can be a powerful trigger to memory.

“I thought it was fab it was really enjoyed by all of us at Erith House. [The] lady who was the whole reason I suggested this said that it was really nice doing something that wasn't about what you could see so that for me was exactly what I wanted it to be, so thank you for that.“ Natalie

Natalie also suggested developing this session to include other senses:

“We are really keen on having more of these kind of sessions, Maybe next time we could include the other senses? Maybe before the session let us know what we might need and can have small pots of things we have to touch or smell or even taste allow it to be even more interactive? “

We're going to work with Natalie to develop more events. Remember, you can see the full list of our upcoming events here.

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