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Bringing passions to life for Jim

Updated: Mar 23

Jim is a lifelong West Bromwich football fan. Before he joined Vibrant Communities' regular, online football group he greatly missed talking about football and was isolated and withdrawn. Now Jim is very enthusiastic and heavily involved in our football club sessions.

“[Football club provides] a general feeling of satisfaction and being uplifted, seeing and hearing from other folks of my generation recounting their tales and memories, and reawakening images and further thoughts in my own mind.” - Jim
Football and footballer - photo by Emilio Garcia from Unsplash

Jim now has over six hours of additional engagement each month, and he:

  • contributes to events in a meaningful way,

  • engages and helps shape some of our sessions - Jim met Louise from the National Football Museum to set up the football group and has attended every session since! He has continued to shape the sessions, for example by adding a music quiz and suggesting themes for discussion.

  • has formed friendships with other football fans across the UK that he meets with fortnightly. He also spends time preparing for the sessions, for example thinking of entries for the football Hall of Fame.

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