Estorick Collection

Jenny from the Estorick Collection in Islington shared some art works from their brand new visiting exhibition about Bice Lazzari’s work.

We looked at lots of different art works and they way her work changes during her career. Bice Lazzari began working with textiles and design, and then moved into more abstract art later.

Jenny was excellent at explaining about the different art styles. Bice’s work got a mixed response from the group, but for all of us it was a chance to try something new.

One picture reminded one lady of a Spitfire and she recalled seeing the as a child during WW2. She shared how they were small planes that could “get into places that bigger planes couldn’t”

Another picture was much darker and one lady said:

“I wouldn’t like to dream about it”.

During the 45 minute session another lady shared that she was an abstract artist!. It was great to hear what materials she liked to use, and see how it compared to Bice. Later in life Bice used acrylic paints rather than oils, and this lady said she also used them as they were more ‘relaxed’ to paint with.

By the end of the session we’d all learned something new:

“You’ve got to give everything a chance…’ve educated me today.”

We’d all got more confident at saying what we could see in the paintings. Even the lady who wasn’t a big fan of the art work embraced the chance to let her imagination run free:

“I could make up stories from that.”

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