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Highly personalised engagement at Walmer House

Updated: Feb 16

“Vibrant Communities has opened the whole world up to our residents, some whom would never have been able to access and see the places they have if it wasn't for Vibrant Communities. I honestly feel that this has really had such a positive impact on those that live at Walmer during what can only be described as the worst 18 months most of us have dealt with in our lifetimes.” - Natalie, Team leader at Walmer House

Walmer House is a care home in Torquay. It has 17 rooms.

Vibrant Communities hosts a wide range of social groups and events that people living at Walmer House are part of. These include:

  • Praise, prayer and togetherness services

  • Dementia group

  • Football group

  • Tours

  • Quizzes

  • Other church services.

Older person looking at a mobile phone held by a support worker. Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger, image from Unsplash

Each month people living at Walmer House enjoy:

  • 14 sessions

  • 20 hours of personalised engagement

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