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Updated: Jul 22

Our social groups help you to substantially improve wellbeing for isolated individuals in your care community. We offer a way for people to engage with other people who share similar passions and backgrounds.

To make sure everyone gets the most out of our online groups we work with you to ensure that:

  1. people come along to groups that match their interests, and

  2. that they can hear and see properly, and that we can hear and see them.

Getting started

Sometimes people don’t take part in organised activities because they don’t like to leave their room, or because they aren’t interested in what is on offer. Perhaps they are a keen football fan, but there is no one else living in your community that shares this passion.

Vibrant Communities can help. Not only can people join from their rooms if they like, but they will have opportunity to meet people from other care communities who have the same interests.

Don’t try to sign up everyone at once! Focus on 2 or 3 individuals in your community. Think about:

  1. What are their interests and what do they love? You may already know a lot about them, but have a chat with them and their families to see if you can find out something new about them.

  2. What could they bring along to the group or prepare? Perhaps they have photos or memorabilia? Try to have a chat with them a day or two before the group, they may tell you a story that would be great to share.

Seeing and hearing clearly

Headphones on yellow background - Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

Video calls allow us to really get connected with people as we’re able to see facial expressions and body language - alongside tone of voice and what people are saying. 

To have a real connection it is really important that everyone who joins the group can hear and see properly, and that we can hear and see them.

Take a little time to think about any support people may need before or during the group. Ask yourself:

  1. Do they have hearing, vision, cognition or physical issues that might make it harder for them to take part? There are lots of options available – from captioning on screen to simply wearing some headphones. We can help recommend equipment.

  2. Is there a good place for them to be when they join? Will the room be noisy and busy? How will they hold the tablet or laptop? Will there be refreshments arriving during the group? Sometimes this can be a matter of just turning off a the radio, or joining from a quieter spot.

We don’t encourage people to join on a mobile phone as it is too small for people to see properly. An iPad, tablet or laptop works better.

We’re here to help

We want everyone to get the most out of our live social groups. They do this best when they are part of groups which interest them and when they can see and hear clearly.

Keep an eye out on the Vibrant Communities' app for online sessions aimed at staff (they are easy to spot as they are bright pink!). These support sessions help you to better support people living in your care community to join, and take part in, our groups.

Get in touch on if you have any questions, or you would just like us to go through something again.

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