Vibrant Communities is an easy way to personalise your activity programme. It gives people living in care communities access to a range of live experiences where they can make friends, engage in lifelong passions, and try new experiences.

You can choose from: 

  • Our unlimited programme (£175 per home, per month).  This gives you access to all our live, interactive events and social groups – that’s at least 5 each week. This includes regular social groups, our specialist dementia group, live tours, quizzes and one off events; plus ongoing support sessions for staff about wellbeing, technology and accessibility.

  • Our weekly group programme (£40 per group, per month). You only sign up (and pay) for the specialised group you need. You can currently choose from our dementia group, art and culture group, and football club. 

“Up until last year we employed Activity Assistants for several hours each week … roll on 18 months and the creation of the Vibrant Communities calendar, along with Shula leading. We now have a valuable, creative, inclusive, person-centred, modern approach to activities for older people across Keychange."

Denise, Manager at Keychange

Want to know more? You can read more about our unlimited programme of events and our weekly programme of specialised groups below, or just email us at:


£175 per home, per month

We host at least 5 live, online events every week, including:

  • Regular social groups. These groups are a chance to get to know other people who share  the same passions - art and culture, poetry, football and sport, and gardening. 

  • Dementia ‘Opener’ weekly group. This is a 30 minute creative group for people living with dementia. We also offer support for staff.

  • Live tours. Our hosts visit place of interest. Recently this has included tours of a steam train, Brick Lane in London, and a National Trust castle. 

  • Quizzes and one off events. A St.Patrick’s day party, a Guys and Dolls film shoot, an Olympics quiz, and much more.

  • Support for staff. Regular catch ups about wellbeing, technology and accessibility. 

  • Bespoke sessions. We can work with you to create sessions just for your community.  


There is no limit on the number of sessions your community can come along to, or how many people can be logged in at the same time. 

Lady interacting with tablet and supported by activities coordinator. Photo: Rebecca Cresta
Tablet screen of Vibrant Communities' session visible. Photo: Rebecca Cresta

Weekly groups

£40 per group, per month

You get access to the group, or groups, every week; plus basic support to get you up and running. You can choose from:

  • Dementia ‘Opener’ group - this is a 30 minute creative group for people living with dementia. 

  • Art and culture group  – meet other art buffs and experts from our partner museums and galleries during this 45 minute session. 

  • Football club – share memories of past games and players, take part in quizzes, and hear from experts at the National Football Museum in Manchester.   


This programme can benefit individuals who have an interest that can’t easily be met within your community.  Perhaps they are the only football fan or artist living there and greatly miss connecting with others who share the same passion.  

The cost is for one device (tablet or laptop) to join each group.

Older lady holding tablet. Photo: Rebecca Cresta
Older lady smiling. Photo: Rebecca Cresta

If you want to find out more get in touch:

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