Retain confident and supported staff 

We know times are challenging, and that it can be difficult to retain your valuable activities staff. Vibrant Communities can help.

We offer ongoing training, development and support for activities coordinators to help them plan for, and deliver, personal meaningful engagement.


Our weekly online support package helps activities staff to be more confident and better equipped to deliver personalised, meaningful engagement activities for people living in your care home.


"I feel inspired and look forward to bringing new ideas and interaction to the table.”


Very quickly, staff will develop skills to help them communicate and engage with people, particularly people living with dementia.

The support and training package is called our Silver programme. In addition to access to all our live events on Vibrant Communities (Bronze) you also get:

  • 3 x 30 minute supervision phone calls

  • 1 x training and support session per week (45 mins, group session). These sessions will include training, marketing support, and time to share and reflect.

  • 1 x dementia training and support session per month (45 mins, group session)

  • 1 x dementia online event per week (30 mins)


We also have a Gold programme, where you get all the benefits of Bronze and Silver plus x1 hour per month one to one supervision for your activity coordinator.

For more information on the different options have a look at our pricing webpage


We also have PDF which introduces Vibrant Communities and explains more about how our support and training could help your staff. 

If you have any questions about the support and training we offer, or anything else about Vibrant Communities, please email